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Scholarship on Photography

Trombone Shorty
Thumbs Up
The Night Jesus Didn't Save
Sister in Black
The Boy Looking at The King
The Mayor and Jesse are Cleaning Up The Street
Reflections of an Usher
Ricci Looking At Past Through Glass
Phone Sign Eyelashes
Preaching Pimp with Old English
Pastor Lean
Here Come the Police
An Artist Rendering
Give the Bass Some
Daddy Comes to Church
Dobbs Looks at Street Under the Lights Tight Print File
Fred and Yolanda

Book Talk

Scholarship on Teaching

Teaching with Digital Media

This workshop invites those who are teaching full time in theological schools to join a community of peers for a week long engagement with teaching and digital media. By “digital media” we mean electronic content — whether text, images, video, audio, or networked connectivity — that can be transmitted over the internet, computer networks, and social media platforms. The workshop will explore a range of teaching contexts — residential and online — in which the impact of digital culture, the availability of digital tools, and changes in knowledge acquisition and production are advantageous for student learning.

There will be a balance of plenary sessions, small group discussions, structured and unstructured social time, and time for relaxation, exercise, meditation, discovery, laughter, and lots of good food and drink.

Wabash Digital Media Workshop from Ralph Basui Watkins on Vimeo.

Dates July 24-28, 2019 – Wabash College  

Leadership Team

Ralph Basui Watkins, Director, Columbia Theological Seminary
Elizabeth Drescher, Santa Clara University
Katherine Turpin, Iliff School of Theology
Paul Myhre, Associate Director, Wabash Center

Documentary Work

Out of Egypt Part #1

Out of Egypt Part #2

Experiencing Israel and Palestine Our Story Our Journey Our Experience

Pastor Sam Davis: Reflecting on a Pastor’s Journey

Photography Work

Abu Simbel 2018 Field Research

Temple of Aset 2018 Field Research

Joey DeFrancesco @ The Velvet Note

Stanley Clarke @ Variety Playhouse Atlant…

Scotty Barnhart @ The Velvet Note

Adam & Kat Hawley @ The Velvet Note Atl…

Blake Aaron at St James Live

David P Stevens @ St James Live

Curtis Lundy at The Velvet Note

Chantae Cann @ The Velvet Note

Bob Baldwin and Marion Meadows at St. James

Joey Sommerville @ The Velvet Note

Mike Burton @ Venkmans CD Release

Portraits of Egypt 2018 Field Research